What we do

Primary Care Clinic

Our comprehensive eye examinations are available to the general public at no out-of-pocket cost to patients.

No referral is required to see our practitioners in the Primary Care Clinic, and you do not need to hold a Medicare card to attend.

The consultations are carried out by second or final-year students of the University of Western Australia’s Doctor of Optometry program, under the close supervision of qualified experienced optometrists.


About the Examination

The initial examination takes 2 hours, which includes the comprehensive testing and discussions about treatment options and recommendations. Follow-up appointments are usually shorter.

Dilating eye drops may be used in your examination, which will cause a temporary blurring of your vision and light sensitivity.  Please bring your sunglasses and organise transportation on the day.

Here is what’s involved in your Primary Care Clinic comprehensive eye examination:


A detailed ocular and medical history is taken to ensure all appropriate tests are performed, dependent on best practice and clinic protocols.


A discussion of any recent ocular symptoms you may be experiencing, and assessment of your visual requirements.


A comprehensive assessment of your prescription, binocular vision (the way your eyes work together), and peripheral vision.


A thorough evaluation of internal eye health facilitated by dilating eye drops.


Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we may undertake some imaging of the internal and external eyes as necessary.

If the attending optometrist or student optometrist recommends spectacles, you will be provided with a copy of your spectacle prescription. This may be taken to a local community optometrist for dispensing.

For current holders of a Commonwealth pension or health care card, EHCWA may offer some low-cost spectacle options. Further information is available on request.

    Specialty Care Clinic

    EHCWA’s Specialty Care Clinics offer five services for eye health conditions including dry eyes, ocular pathology, myopia management, children’s vision, and specialty contact lenses.

    Patient Information

    Find out more about being a patient of EHCWA and visit our FAQs.

    Referrer Information

    Further information on the scope of practice and how to refer patients.