What we do

Clinical Services

Eye Health Centre of Western Australia offers two services: Primary Care Clinic and Specialty Care Clinic.

Our Primary Care Clinic is open to the general public and does not require a referral.

Our Specialty Care Clinics generally require referrals and are designed to cater for patients with various and often complex eye conditions ranging from dry eyes, glaucoma, to binocular vision problems.

We partner with community optometrists, general practitioners, and other health practitioners to achieve the best health outcome for our patients.  We do not dispense optical aids such as spectacles and contact lenses in our primary care clinics. However, optical aids may be dispensed if used to treat the specific condition relating to the reason for referral. For example, a scleral lens may be dispensed in the specialty contact lens clinic to manage a patient with keratoconus. For more information, speak to our friendly client services team or your clinician.

Primary Care Clinic

Comprehensive consultations in the Primary Care Clinic are carried out by second or final-year Doctor of Optometry students under the close supervision of qualified and highly experienced clinicians.

Specialty Care Clinic

EHCWA’s Specialty Care Clinics offer five services for eye health conditions including dry eyes, ocular pathology, myopia management, children’s vision, and specialty contact lenses.

Patient Information

Find out more about being a patient of EHCWA and visit our FAQs.

Referrer Information

Further information on the scope of practice and how to refer patients.